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More Information about the American Environmental Health Foundation (AEHF)

The American Environmental Health Foundation (AEHF) was founded in 1975 by William J. Rea, M.D. of the Environmental Health Center-Dallas. AEHF is a nonprofit organization founded to provide research and education into Chemical Sensitivity. Over the past 24 years the Foundation has funded more than 30 major medical research projects (many of our research papers are available for purchase at minimal cost) and for the past 24 years, we have sponsored an International Symposium for physicians and scientists from around the world. This annual conference has focused on the environmental aspects of many areas including EMF’s, Food Sensitivities, and Neurological and Cardiovascular Function. The Foundation also has sponsored numerous public conferences dealing with environmental health issues including A.D.D. and indoor air quality.

Funding for our research and education comes from donations and the proceeds from the Foundation Store, internet store and catalog sales. Our physical store is located at 8345 Walnut Hill Ln., Suite 225, Dallas, TX 75231.

The Foundation Store carries environmentally safe products for the home and office. Our products are designed for both chemically sensitive individual and the environmentally aware person.

Our list of safe products includes:
Books, Organic Cotton Clothing and Bedding, Personal Care Products, Pollutant Detection Kits, Charcoal and Ceramic Masks, Household Cleaning Products, Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Air Filters and Purifiers and Water Filtration Systems and Saunas.

Our Environment, Our Health, Our Future
As residents of this planet, our role as caretakers of the environment is crucial. As we damage the environment with pollutants, we risk the destruction of not only our natural resources but also of our personal health. Dangerous toxins carelessly deposited and introduced into our environment affect everything we come in contact with and enjoy -- our food, our clothes, our homes, or work-places, and our recreational spaces.

A History of Progress
The American Environmental Health Foundation (AEHF), a nonprofit organization, was founded in 1975 in Dallas, Texas by William J. Rea, M.D., of the Environmental Health Center-Dallas. Our goals are as follows:

  • to fund and conduct medical research in the environmental aspects of health and disease; in meeting this goal, we have funded over 30 major medical research projects.
  • to provide information on environmental medicine to physicians, patients, and the general public; we answer daily inquires from interested individuals from all fields, helping them minimize toxic environmental exposures and maintain optimal health.
  • to provide patients and the public with access to environmentally safe products; through this internet site, a catalogue and store in Dallas, we make available both publications on environmentally triggered diseases and products designed especially for the chemically sensitive individual.
  • to support the education and training of physicians, students, and research scientists; we host The International Symposium in man and His Environment in Health and Disease, an annual medical symposium held in Dallas, Texas.  This symposium is supported internationally by environmentally - conscious physicians, allied health professionals, scientist, and individuals alike. It enables reporting and discussion of new findings and research, many of which are considered breakthrough medical discoveries.

For Additional Information, read articles on this web site, browse the catalog,
or call the AEHF at 214 361-9515.