General Articles on Environmental Issues related to Health

Chemical Sensitivity

Chemical Sensitivity Pamplet - by Carolyn Gorman
Do cosmetics, household cleaners or other chemicals make you sneeze, give you a headache or a rash?
If so, you may have chemical sensitivity.

Dust Mites Pamplet – by Carolyn Gorman

Mold Pamplet – by Carolyn Gorman
Do you know hat mold is and how it can affect you?

PMS Pamplet – by Carolyn Gorman
Do you suffer from PMS?

Pollen Pamplet – by Carolyn Gorman
Do you know what pollen is?

Implant Information – by Carolyn Gorman
Implant Syndrome

Can a mother with chemical sensitivity give her baby chemical sensitivity?
– by Patricia Ann Smith-Willis, M.D.

What is Neurotoxicity? – by William J. Rea, M.D.

Moisture Control – Problems & Cures

Removing Chemicals From New Clothing

Indoor Air Quality

Identifying an optimum home for optimum health

Identyfying optimum water for optimum health

Helpful Hints from the AEHF:

Ceramic Tile and the Environmental Patient – by AEHF
or Environmentally Aware Individual

Water and Health – by William J. Rea
The importance of safe drinking water.

Fabrics for a Healthy House – by Kim Rice

Combatting Indoor Air Pollution With Air Filters – by AEHF

Combating Dust Mite Allergies – by AEHF

Common Molds Found in the Home, Office and School – by AEHF

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Molds And More – by Chris Bishop

Policy Statement: Toxic Effects of Indoor Molds (RE9736)

Outdoor Air Quality

Reduced Chemical Exposure For Swimming Pools & Spas – by J. Craig Cameron

Save-us From Our Environment – by AEHF
How the chemicals and toxins around us both indoors and outdoors burden our bodies, can
cause us to be chemically sensitive and lead to many serious diseases and premature aging.)

Spring Pollens – by Wiliam J. Rea, M.D.
How to deal with them without antihistamines.

Schools and Children

A Healthy School is as Easy as ABCD
(Air * Biologicals * Chemicals * Dust)

Rx for Sick Schools – by Kim Rice

Articles from the National Conference on Children with Sensitivities Allergy and Environmental Health
Association of Canada (AEHA), Ottawa Branch, Ottawa, 31 May - 1 June 1996:

Practical Ways to Resolve Environmental and Allergy Problems – AEHA
Caused by Housing, School Environments and Diet.

Practical Answers to Common Learning and Health Problems: – AEHA
Schools, Housing and Diet

Healthy Schools for Children with Sensitivities – AEHA

Hospital Guidelines for Children with Sensitivities – AEHA

Healthy Housing for Children with Sensitivities – AEHA

Organic Gardening

Seven Laws of Success – by Malcolm Beck

Food for Thought:  Some Observations on the Relationships Between Soil Health and the Physical  and Mental Health of Humans – by Malcolm Beck

Carbon Dioxide, Modern Agriculture and Life – by Malcolm Beck

Lessons in Nature: Plant Selection – by Malcolm Beck

Common Sense Composting – by Malcolm Beck

Water – Quality, Quantity and Organic Agriculture – by Malcolm Beck

Revealing the Secrets of Compost – by Malcolm Beck

Basic Organic Program – by Howard Garrett

Sick Tree Treatment For Oak Wilt & Other Tree Problems – by Howard Garret

Edible & Medicinal Landscaping Plants – by Howard Garrett

Organic Rose Program – by Howard Garrett

Organic Pecan and Fruit Tree Program – by Howard Garrett