High Blood Pressure HOAX (Rogers)


The bulk of The High Blood Pressure Hoax is a compilation of strategies Dr. Rogers feels can provide real answers for those seeking to normalize their blood pressure naturally. Some of her pointers are very basic, but nevertheless usually overlooked approaches, such as testing for potassium and magnesium levels in the red blood cells. Deficiencies of these two minerals--common among Americans--can cause hypertension in certain people, and yet medications that include diuretics (often the first class of antihypertensive drugs to be prescribed) actually cause these very minerals to be lost in the urine, creating even higher blood pressure and the inevitable prescribing of more drugs. Dr. Rogers directs the reader to the exact type of blood test to have the doctor order to reveal accurate mineral levels, warns of what to avoid, and then recommends reputable sources for supplementation. Each of her chapters is accompanied by a reference section to collaborative studies, as well as to labs and resources to equip readers to help themselves.

Dr. Rogers strongly recommends an "oil change" as a first line of defense, directing the reader to avoid trans fats, as well as hydrogenated, polyunsaturated and fake fats such as Olestra. She recommends coconut butter and cod liver oil as repair oils, explaining that cell membranes must be made of healthy fats for proper intercommunication to proceed at the cellular level. Trans fats and rancid, toxic vegetable oils damage the cells that house the calcium and potassium channels and can cause hypertension as one result; cod liver oil can repair this damage, along with a complete avoidance of the damaging fats. Dr. Rogers further notes that since some high blood pressure can be the result of "silent" viral or bacterial infection of the blood vessels, coconut butter, with its high monolaurin content which disarms viral cell membranes, is the safest response to those infections.

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