Seven Laws of Success

Malcolm Beck


Keep your body and mind in the best of health. A stressed body cannot be fully productive or nourish a creative and sound mind. Hate and negative thoughts of any degree destroy the mind and the body.


Pursue an occupation that you enjoy, regardless of what it is, as long as it is good. Every person on earth has a God-given talent to do something beneficial that he or she can enjoy and prosper from. The only difference between work and play is the degree of enjoyment you have while doing it. It is easy to have fun and a good attitude doing a job that you like. Don't let pay scale drive you into an occupation you will not be happy in. All successful and prosperous people are doing work they love.


If you want to accomplish something, you must look at the problem or question from every angle and point of view. Read books; go to school. Discuss your ideas with other people. Even if you think the person you are talking with knows nothing about the subject, talk about it anyway. The other person may spark a thought that leads to success.


And most importantly, have faith that you will receive the help you need. The help may not come in the way you wish, but you will receive what is best. From my earliest childhood I had dreams of the many things I wanted to do and to have, and I put these dreams into my subconscious without the slightest doubt that they would come to me. At the right time, they all materialized - the jobs, the wife, the children, the business, the knowledge, the accomplishments, the awards, the acquaintances, the house, the farm, the big trees, the big trucks and tractors, and even patents. I cannot think of a single dream I didn't get by following these seven positive laws.


Accept the word of others as neither true nor false. Listen and store what others think and see if or how it fits and is proven by your own ideas and experience.


See the big picture, consider setbacks and hardships as necessary learning experiences. Always think positively, and never, never think negatively. There is good in every person and in every event. The good only needs searching for.


If what you wish for is good, and you have faith, it will come. And when you share your beneficial knowledge and discoveries, you will prosper much greater than if you selfishly kept them hidden. Knowledge and discoveries don't belong to any one person; they are eternal. They are written for all by the Master Designer. Just feel honored to be a chosen messenger. And if you wish for future request to be granted, you must not forget the last law of success - and that is to tell God Thanks!


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