The Physics of Biological and Cognitive Sciences

Cyril W. Smith,

Honorary Senior Lecturer,

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering,

University of Salford,

Salford, M5 4WT, England.

1. Introduction

For the last 25 years, the writer has been investigating the ways that living systems interact with coherent frequencies of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields and potentials, both endogenous and externally applied. This work is seen as complementing the already extensive knowledge of the molecular and biochemical mechanisms involved in living systems and water. Coherent frequencies offer a means of cognition, whereby living systems can know about themselves and their environment in the widest sense including sensation and perception and, possibly a means of conation whereby the interactions of mind, desire and will can impinge upon the human organism.

2. Biology

The writer’s laboratory found in the early 1970’s that there were anomalous magnetic effects associated with enzyme systems suggestive of the sort of long-range order associated with low-temperature superconductivity. Subsequently, the involvement of magnetic flux quanta phenomena and of the magnetic vector potential effects in water and living biological systems from cell cultures to humans led to the conclusion that they must be regarded as a macroscopic quantum systems1.

These results support the theoretical work on the application of QuantumElectroDynamics (QED) to condensed matter by Preparata and Del Giudice2 which predicts domains of intrinsic ground-state coherence in water. The involvement of the geomagnetic field in ‘water memory’ and its ‘erasure’ by shielding imprinted water with a steel (mumetal) box, points to water having the properties necessary for the basic element (‘qubit’) of a quantum computer and, by implication this must be available to living systems, all of which are so water dependent.

3. Complementary Medicine

Work with electrically hypersensitive patients has given the writer an insight into the extremes of sensitivity of which living systems are capable as evidenced when their regulatory control mechanisms fail. Identical reactions can be triggered in a patient by chemical means and neutralised electrically, or triggered electrically and neutralised chemically; the autonomic nervous system appears to be the first system involved. Chemical toxicity in these patients and also in in vitro cultured cells is manifest through the appearance of the chemicals’ frequency signatures in the living systems’ frequency imprints. It has been possible to re-program the frequency imprints of a cell culture and have these transmitted to the daughter cells.

These coherent frequencies in living systems may be found anywhere in the electromagnetic spectrum from millihertz to gigahertz and beyond. Coherent frequencies also can be measured in most chemicals containing traces of water. One exception is the 100% halogen saturated molecule. The writer’s sensitivity threshold for detecting the chemical frequency signature of sodium chloride as its solution is successively diluted comes at a concentration of about 0.3 ppm by weight.

In 1982, the possibility of producing a clinical effect from previously inactive water (saline or alcohol) in a sealed glass ampoule by exposing it to an external magnetic field of a patient specific frequency was the first direct evidence that the scientific basis of homoeopathy must be sought in physics and not through chemistry. Each successive dilution and succussion of a potency generally introduces more frequencies. In one case, involving an electrically hypersensitive patient, the frequencies of a prescribed homoeopathic potency were exactly those frequencies that the writer independently found the patient needed to have stimulated.

The acupuncture meridians are seen as communication paths or lines of coherence of frequencies formed as the organism develops from a few cells in close contact at the ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm stage giving meridians linking the acupuncture points to the target organs in the mature organism.

Frequency is the common factor linking these two complementary medicines. There are specific and highly coherent frequencies which stimulate the chakras and the Ting acupuncture points on the hands and feet as shown in Tables 1 & 2 which were measured on the writer, by the writer. The same frequencies normally seem to be present on the acupuncture points but, a surprising degree of interaction with external frequencies is found. Although the bandwidth there is only about 2%, the mean frequency can be ‘pulled’ by an external electrical oscillator or other environmental source of radiation (such as a computer, TV, mobile phone, etc.) by up to ± 30% before the acupuncture point frequency jumps back to its normal bio-controlled value. The frequency signatures of chemicals, homoeopathic potencies, allergen dilutions are equally effective in producing such frequency changes at an acupuncture point when they fall within its ± 30% dynamic range.

For each acupuncture point, there were two bands of frequencies as listed in Tables 1 & 2. The mean of their ratios are 48.76 ±0.74 x 106 (±1.5%) and 49.185 ±0.075 x 106 (±0.15 %). These ratios are those of the velocity of light in free space (2.998 x 108 metres/sec) to a velocity of 6.148 m/s or 6.095 m/s respectively. This is of the right order for coherence waves first reported and measured in the 1930’s3 and more recently measured by the writer4,5, who found 5 m/s in N-saline and 6 m/s in a leg.

Radiation passing through a coherent medium will interact with the coherent part of the system as a whole and not with individual molecules so, there is unity refractive index and the velocity of propagation is that of the radiation in free space, this gives the observed high frequency band. Coherence length is the constant parameter in a coherent system so, frequency becomes proportional to the velocity and this gives the low-frequency band with the coherence wave propagating slowly due to the large mass of each coherence domain.

Coherence seems to be able to imprint itself on to a beam of radiation, whether visible light or otherwise. It can travel in the direction of propagation of the radiation and also in the reverse direction. So-called "Higher Energies" or conation can be imprinted by the intent of a healer into water. A light beam passing through such water will pick this up. This information can be re-imprinted into water by succussing water within this light beam but, it requires another healer to determine what has been imprinted.

4. Borderline Phenomena of Cognition

Here, one is looking close to the mind-body interaction threshold using the techniques of dowsing as a scientific instrument. The technique of ‘map dowsing’ is an example of this. As another example, the writer held a tube of ‘erased’ water and succussed it while mentally concentrating upon a homoeopathic potency. The imprint was the frequencies for that potency of that particular ‘mother tincture’. The absence of the mental activity or, if that potency has not been handled recently resulted in no imprint.

The writer has developed the technique of dowsing to provide a personal scientific instrument capable of the detection and measurement of weak coherent frequency imprints and signatures in biological and chemical systems where at least a trace of water is involved. Coherent frequencies in living systems and water can give an awareness of the environment down to the quantum level of sensitivity. The interactions between frequency synchronised tadpoles, frequency imprinted water or, homoeopathic remedies can be detected over distances of several metres. This interaction represents an example of cognitive communication at a modest distance. With any action at a distance, filters can be interposed. Optical filters showed an exchange of bio-photons was involved.

The measured bandwidth at the acupuncture points is a little less than ±2% so, there are about 60 distinct frequency values possible per decade. Over the 14 decades from 1 millihertz to 100 GHz, this represents an alphabet of at least 840 distinct characters potentially available for bio-communication. From the work with hypersensitive persons, it was seen that their mental, visual, oral, handwriting and artistic capabilities and their personal interactions were affected when their individual reactions were triggered by chemical signatures, or imprinted frequencies whether in water or generated by an oscillator. This implies that coherent frequencies are involved in such activities.

5. Conclusion

There must be a biological, cognitive and conative Uncertainty Principle whereby as the details of the biochemical reactions involved become known with greater and greater precision, this is at the expense of knowing less and less about the coherence, intention and physical timing of these processes. Living systems are too well organised to have to rely upon random processes for the control of their activities.


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