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International Symposium on Man & His Environment in Health and Disease

Since 1983, the American Environmental Health Foundation has sponsored an International Symposium annually in Dallas, Texas to bring together clinicians and researchers to increase the body of knowledge on the environment and it's impact on health and disease.

Abstracts from Previous International Symposiums on Man and His Environment are archived on this site to provide ready access to the information provided in these symposia:

2nd Annual - 1984 Chemical Sensitivity
3rd Annual - 1985 Chemical Sensitivity
5th Annual - 1987 Chemical Sensitivity
6th Annual - 1988 Chemical Sensitivity
7th Annual - 1989 Chemical Sensitivity
8th Annual - 1990 The Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollution
9th Annual - 1991 Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields
10th Annual - 1992 Environmental Aspects of Aging and the Endocrine System
11th Annual - 1993 Human Physiological Effects of Mycotoxins and Environmental Influences on the Autonomic Nervous System
12th Annual - 1994 Psychological Mechanisms Involved in the Development and Progression of Chemical Sensitivities and the Environmental Aspects of Biological Cycles
13th Annual - 1995 Health Effects of Food, Food Additives and Chemical Contaminants
14th Annual - 1996 Environmental Aspects of Neurological and Cardiovascular Functions
15th Annual - 1997 Environmental Aspects of EMF and Bioelectricity
16th Annual - 1998 Environmental Aspects of Endocrinology with an emphasis on Estrogen Mimics
17th Annual - 1999 Environmental Aspects of Chronic Diseases, Finding the Causes & Cures with Drug Free Treatment.
18th Annual - 2000 Environmental Aspects of Cariovascular Disease
19th Annual - 2001 The Environmental Aspects of Neurotoxicity For the 1st Time - the conference is Available on CD
20th Annual - 2002 Innovative Aspects and Treatment of Chronic Disease, Nutrition and Chemical Sensitivity
21st Annual - 2003 Innovative Aspects and Treatment of Molds, Mycotoxins and Chemical Sensitivity.
22nd Annual - 2004 Environmental Aspects and Treatment of Inflamations: Generators including Molds, Mycotoxins, Food Infections, and Toxic Chemicals (Metals, Organics)
23rd Annual - 2005 The Autonomic Nervous System and Its Relationship to Environmental Pollutants Including the Cardiovascular System and Electromagnetic Sensitivity


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