Finally, Reduced Chemical Exposure
For Swimming Pools & Spas

Swimming is a great activity that can be fun, relaxing and a tremendous form of exercise. Water therapy by the same token can be extremely beneficial to a person's recovery and health maintenance program. That being said, swimming can also be counter productive and even detrimental to a person's health if the sanitizing chemicals, such as chlorine, are maintained at what some commercial facilities and even residential pool owners consider moderate levels. Unfortunately this is becoming very common. For a person that has been diagnosed with chemical sensitivities, swimming in a normal chlorinated pool or even entering a room with an indoor pool is a potential health hazard or risk that is better avoided entirely. That is, until now. Natural Water Environments specializes in reduced chemical exposure sanitizing systems.

There has been an exciting, revolutionary development for the treatment of swimming pools and spas for not only the chemically sensitive but for anyone wanting to reduce their family's chemical exposure and to improve their pool's water quality. With our support program the product called NOGSYS, the chemical exposure of swimmers can be reduced by up to 90% in a residential pool or spa, and by as much as 30-50% in a commercial facility. (Commercial facilities must maintain minimum chlorine or bromine levels established by local health departments.) The system has been documented to kill bacteria and algae that have grown resistant to traditional chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. Water treated by NOGSYS is non-toxic to humans and animals.

The benefits to a swimmer are obvious once they enter the pool. There are noÖ red, burning eyes; dried, itchy skin; damaged hair and bleached-out bathing suits. The water has a silky smooth feeling and you don't have to take a shower after swimming. The system will also dramatically reduce the heavy chemical odor at indoor facilities and the corrosion to the equipment and pool surfaces.

The hydrolysis technology of the NOGSYS system is complex; the concept itself is very simple. Water has all of the ingredients required to become a powerful, yet natural, sanitizing agent. In its natural form, water (H20) is neutral. Because the water molecule is bipolar, it can be separated electronically into its elemental components, which then form the second, third, fifth and ninth most powerful oxidizing agents known to man. [See figure 1.]

The oxidizing agents formed by the NOGSYS system are the Hydroxyl Radical (OH), Nascent Oxygen (0), Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) and Oxygen (02). The hydroxyl radical is known to break the hydrocarbon bond so often associated with toxic chemicals.

The best aspect of this technology is that the oxygen and hydroxyl radicals are natural, nontoxic, non-staining, with no odor, and with none of the negative side effects attributed to chlorine and related chemicals.

This unique system's microprocessor directs a digital DC current to a set of high density, carbon/ceramic/ graphite electrodes housed in a clear contact chamber. As the water comes in contact with the electrical field surrounding the flow cell, the hydrogen/oxygen bond of the water molecule is severed, transforming into free, liberated hydrogen and oxygen elements. These elements then recombine to form the hydroxyl and oxygen radicals listed in figure 1. As these radicals are produced in the chamber, oxidation and sanitation occur.

Do not confuse this new technology with older, less effective systems; such as, Ozone or Copper/Silver Ionization, both of which have many negative side effects. Unlike Ozone (03), which is fourth on the oxidation table (see figure 1), the NOGSYS system requires less energy for production. NOGSYS does not create potentially dangerous off gassing, nor is it corrosive to metals or other surfaces. Unlike the ionizers that use metals such as copper, silver or zinc, NOGSYS will not create unsightly metal stains on white surfaces. Another concern with the metal systems is that chemically sensitive patients are frequently also sensitive to heavy metals.

Commercially, the NOGSYS system not only pays for itself in saved chemical expenses (30 to 50 percent), but provides dramatically improved water quality and reduced odor at indoor facilities. In a rehabilitation facility in Fort Worth, Texas, the NOGSYS systemís benefits were noticed immediately by the staff and patients. NOGSYS not only cut the chemical expenses, it vanquished the chlorine odor generated from the indoor pool and spa. The system also eliminated client complaints caused by high combined chlorine levels, namely.. .red burning eyes, dried skin and pool clouding. Patients with respiratory problems who could not use the rehabilitation facility before the NOGSYS system was installed can now use the facility, as well as the pool.

While these dramatic improvements in the water quality are extraordinary, the most noteworthy benefit was documented when the clinic had their pool and spa water tested by an independent laboratory for recertification. Based on the lab results, there was an 87% decrease in bacteria levels with the NOGSYS system over any previous test when chlorine was run alone at 3.0 ppm or higher and shocked frequently. [See figure 2.] 

This startling statistic documents the NOGSYS systemís ability to eradicate bacteria that has become resistant or immune to chlorine or bromine. The system can be installed on any pool, new or existing, and can be plumbed in by any company familiar with pool plumbing repair. The system is installed last in line with the other pool or spa equipment and the controller which is covered by a three-year warranty by the manufacturer is connected to the pool's timer.

The result is NOGSYS provides not only a healthier pool from a reduced chemical exposure standpoint, but a safer pool & spa by reducing bacteria levels.

Residentially, Natural Water Environments and the NOGSYS system have received even higher accolades.

We are now the only company and system in the United States to be endorsed by "The American Environmental Health Foundation" and "The Environmental Health Center", who treat people from all over the world with chemical sensitivities.

The Support Options for residential customers are very simple and easy to follow. There are basically seven

ways to run a NOGSYS pool, and customers choose the option that best fits their desire for reduced chemical exposure and budget. Depending on which option is selected, a trace level of chlorine (0.4+ ppm), bromine

(0.8 ppm+), or other chemical sanitizer is maintained to protect the pool when the system is off and to protect against dead spots in circulation. Just imagine swimming in a pool where the water is silky smooth with no chemical feel and best of all it is easier to maintain.

Todayís consumers are more health conscious and reduced chemical exposure is a primary concern. Consumers want to remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals from their homes and drinking water, but have not considered that when they swim in a highly chlorinated pool, they are absorbing chlorine 5 to 10 times faster through their skin than if they ingested the water.

No other chemical or electronic system delivers all the benefits of the NOGSYS system. Itís almost like having a full-time pool person to help monitor the pool. NOGSYS has been selected by an ever-growing number of residential consumers and pool builders who are looking for reduced chemical exposure and higher water quality.

Commercially, NOGSYS has been selected by such notable clients as The Dallas Cowboys, The Texas Rangers, All Saints Health Care Systems, The Wyndham Anatole Hotel, Holiday Inn Select-Richardson, Sante' Therapy Clinics, Fort Worth Zoo, Dallas Zoo, and the City of Carrollton. Health clubs, day spas, hotels and apartment complexes are also selecting the system to reduce operating costs, odors, corrosion and customer complaints.

The standard NOGSYS system will handle any residential pool or spa from 400 to 30,000-gallons. This same system will handle up to a 50,000-gallon commercial pool with light to moderate bather loads. Larger pools or heavier bather loads are handled by either multiple Standard units or the Super NOG that handles up to 100,000 gallons or more with multiple systems.

While this technology was developed for the pool and spa industry, it has a multitude of other exciting applications that are being studied; such as, poultry farms, fountains, cooling towers, food processing plants, drinking water, waste water treatment, etc.

Natural Water Environments is answering many of the health concerns of consumers and the medical community by addressing the issue of reduced chemical exposure and improved water quality for swimmers. If you need more information on the Natural Water Environment program, please contact Mr. J. Craig Cameron President and CPO (Certified Pool Operator), Natural Water Environments. In the Dallas, Fort Worth area, call metro (817) 355 - 0417, or call (800) 944 - 4938.  Please mention you saw this information on the AEHF web site.


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