Mold Test Kits

Mold Plates ARE available! You must call the AEHF store at 214-361-9515 or 800-428-2343 to order them.
Due to the sensitivity of the mold plates during warmer weather, all plates must be shipped 2day FEDEX or UPS 2nd day air.

Plates ordered on Thursday will be shipped the following Monday. This is to ensure that the plates will be effective and won't be sitting in a hot shipping warehouse over a weekend!

Once you receive your plates, please refrigerate until ready to use. ALSO please refrigerate your plates after exposing them to the environment you will be testing until you are ready to ship them out. Wrap the plates in aluminum foil to secure them from contamination and the heat. The address for the Natural Link Mold Lab is pre-addressed on the box or envelope we send them in. The plates MUST be sent out 2day FEDEX or UPS 2nd Day Air in order to ensure viability upon reaching the lab.

It takes about 3 weeks to grow the samples on the plates at the lab. Once we receive the results from the lab we will send your Mold Test Kit results to you by email (or by mail if requested).

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$49.95 plus 8.25% tax plus shipping

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