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Customers have recently brought it to our attention that Alvera has added Alcloxa to their Aloe Roll on deodorants. Alcloxa is an Aluminum salt of Allantoin, a naturally occurring anti-irritant and soothing agent from the comfrey plant and from mammalian urine which is tested as nontoxic and safe. Of course it is of concern to us that aluminum has been added to the allantoin in the Alvera roll on as an antiperspirant considering the ongoing debate about its toxicity and a possible contributor in dementia and Alzheimer's disease as well as possible implication in breast cancer.  We have attempted to contact the Alvera company to inquire but as of yet have been unable to receive any additional information. Thus, we have decided to discontinue this product in our store. However, if you are a fan of this product and still choose to use it in spite of this new ingredient we will carry it ONLY on our website since that is where the majority of our users of this product come from.

Dr. Rea does not recommend his patients (or anyone) to use any products with aluminum in them as he considers it a toxic heavy metal. If you have more questions about this please contact the ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH CENTER - DALLAS @ 214 368 4132 or